Speaker Date Topic
Ted Campbell & Darrell Choate, Rotarians Apr 26, 2019
What is happening at our "Rotary Park" (Glen Lake Rotary Park)?

Darrell Choate, a Bozeman Noon Rotarian, and Ted Campbell, our Bozeman Sunrise Rotarian, have much to share with us about the lastest developments at Glen Lake "Rotary Park". We have been working together to plan and celebrate 100yrs of Rotary in the valley in 2020. Darrell will tell us all about the  Centennial Celebration planned for June, 2020 - with a major component of this celebration being the Rotary Centennial Pavillion, to be constructed at the Rotary Park.

Ted Campbell has all the latest details on our Park Master Plan. Have you been hearing about and wondering when the roads will get paved, when additional parking and trails will be developed, what about that new South entrance, or the playground installation, renovations to the stream and more fishing access?? Ted has all the  knowledge and will have artist drawings, a scaleable model of the project(s) and slides to depict what is to come.


Panel Discussion of Experts Jun 07, 2019
Food: From the 'Seed to the Shelf'
Food: From the 'Seed to the Shelf'

Ever wonder how a grain seed is transformed into wheat, that ultimately becomes bread that you buy at the store and are eating at breakfast? Or, how a newborn calf on a cold Montana morning in February gets from the pasture to provide either milk to our glasses, or results in a tasty ribeye, rack of ribs or decadent filet? We will have a panel of experts from nearby ranches and farms to help us all understand the logistics of getting FOOD from SEED to our grocery shelves, and everything in between. We'll learn of their economics, their challenges, and the role they play in being land stewards that benefit all Montana cititzens.

(introduced by Mike Banville)

Nikki Naiser Jun 14, 2019 7:30 AM
Paul Harris Fellowship Presentation
Jacobus Hollewijn Jun 21, 2019
Achieving Your Best Health Through All Stages of Life
Achieving Your Best Health Through All Stages of Life

Jacobus Hollewijn was born in The Netherlands. He moved to the United States in 1985 with his wife and small family. There has always been an interest in food, either professionally as a chef for many years, or because of personal interest. Experimenting with a variety of diets, including Vegetarianism, Macrobiotics, Raw Foods, Blood-Type and good-ol’ American Cuisine, Jacobus has a basic dietary knowledge, and has helped, advised and supported people with his culinary background.  He is owner of Gezundheit Nutrition Center and will educate us on how FOOD plays the primary role in our overall health

(introduced by Mike Banville)

Installation Dinner & Social Jun 27, 2019
Changeover of Presidency from Sydney -> Jason Smith
Changeover of Presidency from Sydney -> Jason Smith
This is our annual changeover and installation of new officers dinner & social event. Our new fiscal year begins July 1, 2019. Please come to celebrate the successful year we've had as a club and to welcome in your new Leadership/Board of Directors.
When: Thursday, June 27th @ 5:47pm
Where: Riverside Country Club
RSVP's: due by _______ (working on this detail still)
Cost: _________ (working on this detail still)
*Significant others are welcome!
*No Meeting* Attend Changeover Dinner on Thur 6/27 Jun 28, 2019