Watch our 2021 Member Survey Video

   If you were not in attendance (via online or in-person) for the April 8 meeting, Vice President Laura Kuntz presented the results of our 2021 member survey. The recorded presentation is available to view on our member services page, roughly 30 minutes in length. Click to go to member services
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Sister Rotary Club Celebrates 60 Years

   At our April 4 club meeting, we arranged a group photo and video greeting to congratulate our sister Rotary Club in Katsuyama Japan on the occasion of their 60th anniversary.  Here is our greeting and bow, as we said Omedetō
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Kids Fishing Set for May 21

   Our 11th Annual Kids Fishing Day returns on Saturday May 21 - presented by Ressler Motors. Come see 200+ kids and parents enjoy a morning of free fishing and lunch with lots of raffle prizes to giveaway
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28 Applications Submitted for FUF

  Now that 28 homeowners have submitted applications for consideration, our vetting team will begin the next stage - verifying qualifications and visiting applicant homes to establish benchmarks for inclusion into our final selection of 12 homes for our September 17 event. More to come.
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Aerial Video of Glen Lake Rotary Park

Much thanks to aerial videographer and club member, Shane Beams, and video editor, Jim Penhale, for capturing the awesome color of September at our park. Note the beauty of the Noon Club's pavilion and the trail system around the East Gallatin River and GVLT trails


Aerial Video of Glen Lake Rotary Park 2021-10-20 06:00:00Z 0

May 20 - Recycling in the Valley

  Alexis Alloway with Republic Services will update us on recycling efforts in our valley and how Republic is addressing it in their world. Live in-person at Eagle Mount and on Zoom. 


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Book Giveaway Nearly Complete

  Way to go Sunrise Rotarians. We are down to 4 schools (Willow Creek, Monforton, Anderson and Gallatin Gateway) in May (wrapping up on the 13th). This year has been stellar, not just for the kids who love our attention, but accolades come from teachers and our newer members who are participating for the first time. Keep it up in this home stretch.

To Sign-Up for deliveries left in May, VISIT THIS LINK in sign-up genius

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BOAR Race a Colorful Success

The first annual BOAR (Blueprint Obstacle Adventure Race) took place Saturday August 21, 2021 with nearly 400 participants at Glen Lake Rotary Park. Everyone had an amazingly fun time and raised needed funds for the HRDC Blueprint home. In addition to over 50 HRDC volunteers, BSRC contributed another 20+ people to help develop, stage and put-on the event. Thanks to Jim Penhale for this video production - watch it here
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Initial Fundraising Goal Has Been Met

Through the generous efforts of Dr. Mary Hubbard and her continued interest in helping the education system of Kathmandu, Nepal, our club (and members of the international service committee) has reached its initial fundraising goal (nearly $11,000) to create a new Rotary Global Grant to help bring needed resources to area schools. We will work with the Tripureswor Rotary Club as our on-the-ground partner club.
The committee has put together a terrific set of educational and reference sources on their project, found in our website AT THIS PAGE
If you come from another Rotary Club before joining Bozeman Sunrise, why not ask past members if they would like to be part of this
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Welcome Ressler Motors to Fix-Up Festival for 2021 2021-02-01 07:00:00Z 0

Fix Up Festival 2020

Instead of our regular all-day event, the FUF committee has opted to fix roofs this year.  To date, our BSRC Rotarian team has fixed 3 roofs, with the likelihood of 2 more later this spring. Here you see Ted Schmidt and Ron Harms removing facie boards to be replaced.  We'll continue updating progress over the next few weeks.
Thanks to this year's Sponsors to date:
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Member Directory in Rotary App

Members keep asking what's the easiest way to get access to member info including name, photo, email, cell and address info? For smartphone users, Clubrunner has built an app for both the Android and iOS operating systems. For Android devices, GET IT HERE.
For Apple iPhone fans, GET IT HERE
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