Sunrise Rotary announces and welcomes the addition of two new members recently inducted by President Jason - Mr. Scott Bechtle (Architect) and Mr. Karl Cook (Property Development). Thanks for accepting our invitation to become BSRC members. We look forward to your enthusiastic service.
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Thank You to these club members who were recognized today for their continued contributions toward the Rotary Foundation. Lucas Foust was recognized for his first $1,000 contribution, Bob for his $2,000 level, Steve for his $5,000 level and Ron Harms for reaching $6,000. Gentlemen, your dedication to helping people around the world is greatly appreciated.
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Posted on Jul 23, 2019
Hands Across the Border ceremony between US and Canadian authorities and citizens.
In 1931, nearly 100 Rotarians from the United States and Canada met in the historic Prince of Wales Hotel in Waterton Lake National Park and informally pledged peace across our respective borders. Out of that gathering, Rotarians lobbied each country's governments to then officially declare, in 1932, that the combined Glacier and Waterton parks to be known as the WATERTON-GLACIER International Peace Park.  This year's celebration will be hosted by Canadian Rotarians on September 13-15, hosting speakers, dinners, hikes, guided tours and international fellowship at the Waterton Lakes Lodge Resort and Aspen Village Inn.
Any Montana Rotarian, spouse and kids are welcome to attend and can pre-register at the OFFICIAL WEBSITE.  Our three inbound exchange students for the school year will also attend and meet their Canadian exchange student counterparts as part of their exchange education that promotes goodwill and peace among nations.
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Part of our community service charitable efforts, performed on a weekly basis in the area, is through our support of Meals on Wheels. We now have both a Tuesday and Friday commitment to these deliveries. If you'd like to donate an hour of your time every few months, sign-up for an open slot on Tuesdays HERE or on Fridays HERE
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For ACTIVE members new to Sunrise Rotary, we wanted to educate you on what distinguishes an active member like yourself from a members whose status is called HONORARY. 
What is an honorary member, who are they, and how did they get to be Honorary in our club?
From Rotary International's membership definition 
"Honorary membership is used to recognize people who have distinguished themselves by meritorious service and embody Rotary ideals, or those considered friends of Rotary for their support of Rotary's causes. They are exempt from paying RI dues, have no vote in Rotary matters, are not eligible to hold any club office, and are not included in a club's membership numbers."  Any club member can propose an Honorary member, but granting this request is a board decision/vote.
An ACTIVE member pays dues, is expected to participate in club functions and attend weekly breakfast meetings, and does have a vote in club business.
Our club currently has 7 honorary members, all of whom were, at one time, active members serving the club in service. Here they are and their backgrounds.
Meet our Honorary Members 2019-03-01 07:00:00Z 0
Thanks to the tireless efforts of Bob Farrington, Ted Campbell, Andy Blanchford, Mason Shaffer, Danielle Scharf, Doug Chandler, Jim Hamilton, Ted Schmidt, Roger Barnes, Steve Hample, I-Ho Pomeroy, Carson Taylor, and Chris Mehl, Sunrise Rotary recently helped the city of Bozeman with receiving a 50-year lease on the land our Park sits on along with working an agreement with a local developer to receive an additional 2-acres of land adjacent to the park for wetlands protection and rehabilitation. And, in the process, helped to facilitate a name change at the state level. Our new park name is now (or soon will be) Glen Lake Rotary Park.  Due to the dedication of these members, and many others, we can now move forward with the next larger phases of our park master plan later in spring 2019. Watch for additional details forthcoming from the Community Service committee.
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The MSU SUB Ballroom hosted our annual banquet and auction on Monday December 3. We seated just shy of 200 patrons for the evening, sold 10 live auction items and another 100 silent auction items that resulted in our netting around $54,000, $4,000 more than our original goal. We'll be providing a wrap-up announcement in a couple weeks at a future breakfast and include full details in our e-bulletin.
Here are a few pics from the evening's festivities
2018 Holiday Auction - Wrap Up 2018-12-07 07:00:00Z 0
Our Club enjoyed yet another opportunity to benefit from our partnership with the local Barnes & Noble store in Bozeman. Watch for an announcement soon on the donation that will be coming to our club to support our literacy and book giveaway program from the Nov 24 Rotary Day at their store
BSRC Partners with Barnes & Noble 2018-11-13 07:00:00Z 0
Here is a snippet from KBZK showcasing just one of the homes we helped Fix-Up this past Saturday September 22, 2018.  We truly want to thank all these fine companies for their support of this 9th annual event
Fix-Up Festival Another Great Success 2018-09-01 06:00:00Z 0
Welcome our newest inducted members here in 2019.  Left to right, Nancy MacBride (Buffalo Restoration - classification ACCOUNTING), Tom Anderson (Retired DENTIST), Jerry Awe (Awe Financial - classification FINANCIAL PLANNER), and Abby Turner (Children's Museum of Bozeman - Classification CHILDRENS MUSEUM).
Of special note, we now have the very first (in our club's history) 3 members from the same family.  Bill MacBride, wife Nancy, and daughter Abby Turner. Also, Tom is brother of BSRC member Bill Anderson, and Jerry Awe is father of club president, Sydney Awe Rick. Thanks everyone for keeping it all in the family.
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Members keep asking what's the easiest way to get access to member info including name, photo, email, cell and address info? For smartphone users, Clubrunner has built an app for both the Android and iOS operating systems. For Android devices, GET IT HERE.
For Apple iPhone fans, GET IT HERE
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