Nomi serves as the Senior Class President at BHS,  the president of National Honors Society and the secretary of Rotary’s Interact club. These roles keep Nomi very busy. As a part of Student Council she likes to consider herself  an honorary member of Hawk TV because she helps generate ideas and produce promotional skits for Student Council events. She has also volunteered at the Blood Drive, helped set up the Homecoming, Winter Formal and Prom dances, organized the Club Fair, and participated in National Honors Society Service days.


Nomi competed on the Varsity cross country team all four years of high school and for the past two years has served as a Varsity Captain. She also competes in track and downhill skis in the winter. She participates in a host of local events at Bridger Bowl. Every year she and her friends make a King and Queen of the Ridge team- the Pink Super Senders. She shares that, “We're by far the most excited team there!”


Nomi is very proud of having an unweighted cumulative GPA of 4.0 because she states, “ I feel that it represents not just my intelligence but more so the effort and hard work I pour into things I care about. Performing well in school doesn't come easy but I dedicate a lot of time to studying and completing my work so I can do well.”   Although it’s hard for Nomi to pick a favorite class, she says AP World History provided her with the most helpful tools she needs to succeed. She finds Biomed and Psychology classes to be the most fascinating.


Nomi feels her roles in Student Council have taught her how to communicate, lead, and connect with both her peers and teachers. In planning and organizing events, she loves when people come to her with ideas and she can help turn them into a reality.

Nomi’s thoughts on the BHS community are inspiring: “I truly believe that with all the amazing opportunities we have in the Bozeman school district, your education is what you make of it. I've found that over the past couple years as I've involved myself in many different factions of the high school community, BHS is one of the most talented, kind, intelligent, hard working and successful communities you'll ever find under one roof.”

After high school Nomi  hopes to continue to push herself outside her comfort zone, whether that be going on backcountry ski adventures or tackling challenging courses in college. She is considering nursing school to pursue her interest in the medical field and continue to support the community.