Food: From the 'Seed to the Shelf'
Jun 07, 2019
Panel Discussion from Beef & Grain Growers
Food: From the 'Seed to the Shelf'

Ever wonder how a grain seed is transformed into wheat, that ultimately becomes bread that you buy at the store and are eating at breakfast? Or, how a newborn calf on a cold Montana morning in February gets from the pasture to provide either milk to our glasses, or results in a tasty ribeye, rack of ribs or decadent filet? We will have a panel of experts from nearby ranches and farms to help us all understand the logistics of getting FOOD from SEED to our grocery shelves, and everything in between. We'll learn of their economics, their challenges, and the role they play in being land stewards that benefit all Montana cititzens. We will have Charlie Rein, regional director for the Montana Stockgrowers Association based in Big Timber and John Schutter from Manhattan MT with the Montana Grain Growers Association.

(introduced by Mike Banville)