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Rotary International, and its 35,000+ clubs, provides opportunities for students ages 15-18 to learn more about cultures in other countries as part of a cultural and educational exchange between clubs in different districts. Bozeman Sunrise Rotary Club has been involved with student exchanges for most of its history, exchanging kids from districts in Ecuador, Brasil, Taiwan, Germany, Austria, France, Italy, and others.
The way exchanges work is:
  1. A student from Bozeman applies for, and is accepted, to go on our long-term exchange (leaving for that country roughly mid August, and arriving back home in late June or July the following year)
  2. They live with up to 3 volunteer host families for 14 weeks at a time in that country and attend school, and are also immersed into that new culture, bringing their Bozeman perspective to that community, and reciprocally bringing back their newly-acquired perspective from that country. 
  3. Students offer presentations to their host Rotary Clubs and districts while on exchange, and are expected to present to the clubs and district upon their return. They are also asked to mentor the next years' students on what to expect and how best to enjoy their year away.
  4. Whenever possible, the outbound student's family also hosts the reciprocal inbound student coming from the same country for one of the 3 host family placements, and helps our club find the other 2 host families for the inbound student.
The scholarship we offer provides:
  • Their school education and required fees (if any)
  • Family home hosting
  • A monthly stipend given to the student for spending money
  • Cultural trips in that area of the world overseen by our network of trustworthy Rotarians and families
Timing and Key Dates of the Exchange process For school year 2020-2021
  • Interested Students submit application by September 30, 2019
  • Interviews of applicants take place week of October 7
  • Approved candidate(s) will be contacted locally for advancement to District-wide interviews happening in November
  • If Bozeman applicant(s) are accepted at District level, they are asked preference of country and given offer to accept the scholarship
  • Winter months - begin preparing language skills for exchange country
  • Spring months - attend outbound orientation with other Montana students to learn cultures
  • Early summer - apply for VISA to exchange country
  • August - leave for exchange
For a more complete summary presentation on the Study Abroad Scholarship, CLICK HERE
To download a copy of our OFFICIAL APPLICATION, CLICK HERE
To download a copy of the required HOST FAMILY NAME LIST, CLICK HERE