Given that Zach’s Dad is the BHS Choir teacher and that his Mom is a vocal performance major, his life is influenced by music. His school day consists of four music classes! Zach is proud of his role as the sole Jazz Pianist of the BHS Jazz Band and Bass Trombonist in the Wind Ensemble. Additionally, he holds leadership roles in several choirs and is the official accompanist to the BHS Choirs. In recent years, Zach participated in All-State and All NorthWest Choirs, sang live with the rock group Foreigner, and soloed in the renowned concert venue Carnegie Hall. 


If Zach is not practicing or performing onstage, you’ll probably find him playing Ultimate Frisbee. He has been playing for several years and currently plays for Bozeman Ultimate, a nonprofit organization. His frisbee career has provided many ambitious opportunities, specifically playing in an adult/college league as a teenager. Additionally, as a rostered member of Bozeman Club teams, Zach has competed throughout the northwest. Zach will soon revive his contact-sports involvement, by joining the Gallatin Wranglers Rugby organization this spring.


Zach provides community service through his church’s youth group.  This includes working with the food bank, shoveling walks, visiting old folks' homes, and, according to Zach, “chopping a RIDICULOUS amount of firewood!”  Zach was appointed as youth leader and the first assistant to the bishop.


If you ever shop at Rosauers, you may see Zach working as a Courtesy Clerk- doing everything he can to keep the store presentable and friendly. In the summer, he works as a youth sports coach, teaching young athletes the fundamentals of several sports.  Zach says, “Looking back, I see how I developed several positive leadership attributes through coaching. My ability to show tolerance, regardless of age, increased. Working through stressful situations required me to remain poised and patient with easily distracted kids… my jobs have significantly developed my work ethic and taught me the importance of teamwork in the workplace. I am so grateful for the jobs I have and the lessons I've learned through them.”


Zach has worked diligently throughout high school to maintain a 4.0 GPA. He was recognized and admitted into the National Honor Society as a result. He also serves as a student representative for Bozeman Friends of Music. 


Zach’s favorite class at BHS has been AP Statistics. He has a funny story about the class: “ I was accidentally placed in AP Stats in my junior year and referred to it as a ‘Happy Little Mistake.’ I enjoyed working with and learning a new type of math I hadn't previously experienced. I recognized the real-world relevance of statistics, specifically in sports. As an avid sports fan of my family's native New York teams (specifically the Giants), my newfound understanding of statistics makes game days much more exciting!”


Zach plans to  serve a two-year mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. He then plans on getting a Bachelor's degree in Data Sciences and majoring in Sports Analytics at Syracuse University (If you've ever seen the movie Moneyball, he says that's his dream job!)