Alexandra serves as one of the presidents of the Partners Club. She is involved in Eagle Mount and as she says,  “ I love to work with people who just want to find ways to adapt and have fun! There is a fun challenge in finding new ways to do things that you never thought you could change.”

Alexandra is a peer tutor and helps with Special Olympic events including  Basketball, Bocce, Bowling, and Skiing.  She also helps out Heart of the Valley by fostering kittens (whenever she has room in her house, and her dad lets her).

Her favorite classes at BHS have been government, history, and French.

 Alexandra has praise for two males in her life: “I love my dad and my brother.  They are big supporters of what I do, I wouldn't be where I am without them.” 


Alexandra won’t be at BHS after January as she is graduating in January, 2024  and attending MSU this spring.