International Service
- Engineers without Borders

- Wheel Chairs

- Library Books

- Braille Machines for a School for the Blind (MG project)
- Equipment for the kitchen in an adult education school

- Clean Water

- Clean water, schools supplies and materials to build classrooms

- Kitchen Equipment (Juarez - MG project)

- School Lighting
- Solar Panels

- Earthquake Relief
- 96 Wells and Hand Pumps to Provide Safe Drinking Water for Rural Villages
- School Laboratory Equipment and Library Books

- Tsunami Relief

- Bathrooms for Children of the Golden Triangle
- Computers (RC Fang MG project)
- Treatment System for Safe Drinking Water (RC Fang MG project)

- Earthquake Relief

- Teacher Exchange

Earthquake Relief in Japan, Winter 2012

The world gasped on March 11th 2011 as one of the most destructive earthquakes and follow-on tsunamis ever recorded hit Japan. More than 15,800 people were confirmed dead, 6000+ were injured and hundreds of thousands were displaced from their businesses or homes (or both).

One of the most important industries in the Sendai area most affected in the aftermath was to the fishing fleet and processing plants. Our local Rotary members in the Bozeman area immediately took up collections, mobilized donations and partnered with local restauranteurs I-Ho Pomeroy (I-Hos Korean Grill) and Ted Watanabe (Watanabe's Japanese Restaurant) to put on meal fundraisers. Combining these local donations with additional matching funds from the Montana Rotary district 5390, and matching grant funds from Rotary International, funded the purchase of two new mini-trucks (seen in this photo) to help fish mongers get their catch from the wharfs (devastated in the tsunami waves) to the retail markets many miles away.


Seen in this photo (above) are (left to right) the president of the local fish trading company, Mr. Steve Daines - a member of Bozeman Sunrise Rotary Club (who presented the trucks to this city) - and the Vice-Mayor of the city of Minami-Sanriku.  

Seen on the next page is a photo of Minami-Sanriku, a stark reminder of how things are today still almost a year after the earthquake and tsunami.


The Bozeman Sunrise Rotary Club is currently working on the following projects:

  • Haiti - partnering with Bozeman Noon Rotary Club, Pure Water for the World and 12 other Rotary Clubs. The matching grant would cover costs of installing 420 water filters  in 70 schools in the Port-au-Prince region of Haiti. The water filters will service about 24,000 students.  With the current water quality and cholera problems in Haiti, these filters should help to reduce the need to consume contaminated water.  The water filters are manufactured locally and are low maintenance.  The project will be monitored by Pure Water for the World – Haiti, who will also provide training and installation expertise.  The project is estimated to take a year to install.
  • India - partnering with Red Lodge Rotary Club. This matching grant will be used for a water project. The grant is in the process of being written.
  • Honduras -This long term project is a water project and includes building classrooms and providing school supplies. This project was started about 15 years ago by a Rotarian. Work teams from Rotary Clubs, Interact and Rotaract Clubs and interested individuals have participated in this project.  It is well organized and managed by the founder, Tom Plumb. This is the second year Bozeman Sunrise Rotary Club has supported the project in Honduras.