Rachel Cutler is our Rotary Youth Exchange student that is studying abroad this year. Here is her first update from her time in France. 

This is my second week of school now and it has been pretty good, a little boring because I usually can't follow along. But it is nice to meet new people and practice my French. My school schedule here is pretty different, I share all my classes with the same people and on Wednesdays I get out at noon. I have been to one Rotary meeting so far and I also went on a trip with Rotary the first week I was here. On that trip, I got to meet all of the exchange students in my district (see photo), there are about forty of us. I also got to go to my first castle which was pretty cool and the area we were in was very pretty. I am settling in pretty well now and things have been good so far.

My best,

Rachel Cutler