For ACTIVE members new to Sunrise Rotary, we wanted to educate you on what distinguishes an active member like yourself from a members whose status is called HONORARY. 
What is an honorary member, who are they, and how did they get to be Honorary in our club?
From Rotary International's membership definition 
"Honorary membership is used to recognize people who have distinguished themselves by meritorious service and embody Rotary ideals, or those considered friends of Rotary for their support of Rotary's causes. They are exempt from paying RI dues, have no vote in Rotary matters, are not eligible to hold any club office, and are not included in a club's membership numbers."  Any club member can propose an Honorary member, but granting this request is a board decision/vote.
An ACTIVE member pays dues, is expected to participate in club functions and attend weekly breakfast meetings, and does have a vote in club business.
Our club currently has 7 honorary members, all of whom were, at one time, active members serving the club in service. Here they are and their backgrounds.
  • Janis Moree - one of the first women ever to be a member or Rotary in the U.S, and was a member of the Bozeman Noon Rotary club before helping to charter our club in 1992, she became the 2nd club President (after Steve Hample) in 1993-94. She left the club in the early 2000s, but was named an honorary member in 2018.
  • Harry Stannebein - was charter member of the club in 1992, and was active through 2013 before retiring from his accounting firm and moving to Arizona. He and his firm often hosted our club members for the annual MSU football game and tailgate, and was a grillmaster along with Doug Alexander at many of our club picnics and functions.
  • Tom Swanson - a contractor/builder whose membership was from 1995 - 2012. Tom helped construct and direct our volunteer members in building the large restroom/storage building at the East Gallatin Park patio area in 2008-09, doing it mostly at his cost, or less. He was selected as our Rotarian of the year for this effort in 2008-09.
  • Mike Dougherty - an active member from 2000-2014, served as club president in 2007-08, and helped our membership committee for many years achieve strong rates of membership growth during this time.
  • Jim Dolezilek - a longtime active member of the Townsend Rotary Club starting in 1985, he transferred to our club in 2009. He and his wife were active in the book giveaway program and often contributed prizes toward our annual fundraisers until he retired from work (and Rotary) in 2011.
  • Debbi Royer - was an active member from 2007-2013, served as club secretary 4 years, was on our Golf in the Dark and Christmas Auction committees, and still attends occasional social and auction events to this day.
  • Steve Daines - was first introduced to Rotary by receiving the Rotary Noon Club 'Student of the Month' award in 1979 as a student at Bozeman High School. At that award presentation, his dad (Clair Daines) was also introduced to Rotary, and was asked to join their club, where he is still a member to this day. Steve then started his active membership in Sunrise Rotary from 1999-2001, took a break during his time at Right Now Technologies, then re-joined again from 2012-2014. After Right Now sold to Oracle, Steve decided to run for Congress. Once elected, he could not maintain a weekly attendance requirement, so the club board moved him to Honorary status.