Posted on Feb 23, 2018

Bozeman Sunrise Rotary Club has received approval for the East Gallatin Recreation Area (EGRA) Park Master Plan (PMP) from the City of Bozeman. 

Here is the official Master Plan Document (CLICK HERE)

The EGRA PMP's primary near-term focus is to extend the beach and add an interactive natural playground.  Anticipating approval of residential condominiums near the entrance of the Park, we plan to piggy back onto a paved entry way to the park driven by the new Condos; paving the park roads and parking lots and putting in a second entrance south of Glen lake.  These are the five projects detailed in the EGRA PMP.

Project # 1 is to improve the rest of the road and parking in and through the EGRA.  BSRC with the help of the City of Bozeman and several other partners and benefactors will plan, design, pave and line the rest of the road and parking in the Park.  This project will facilitate an improved traffic flow pattern and more and better placed parking.

Project #2  is a second Park entrance. For security, capacity, safety, traffic loading and ease of access reasons a second entrance makes a lot of sense.  An extension of Project #1 will be design, planning and building a second entrance around the south end of Glen Lake.

Project #3 is conversion of a channelized ditch, near the existing Park entrance, into a meandering stream accented with appropriate landscaping integrated with existing Park landscaping and that of the adjacent development.  This stream will go through the 2.5 acres, donated by the developer.  It will flow from Glen Lake to the East Gallatin River.

Project #4 is a kid’s natural, interactive, learning playground and beach.  This playground will incorporate a “Mountain and Mountain Stream” which flows from the “Mountain” top to the beach into Glen Lake.

Project #5 is a new beach on the west side of Glen Lake.  While building this beach, the trail along the west side of the lake will be improved as well. 

The City of Bozeman is growing rapidly.  BSRC, GVLT, City of Bozeman planners, residential and commercial neighbors of the Park, and many other concerned community members realize the need to look far ahead in planning well integrated and creative out of doors recreational venues and facilities to serve this rapidly growing population.  The EGRA PMP, using the City of Bozeman’s PROST Plan, is an attempt to leverage the type of growth and development in and around the Park we know about to smartly steer the evolution of the East Gallatin Recreation Area over the next six years. 

The City conducted two public meetings to seek input from City of Bozeman residents on the EGRA PMP.  There is also a survey on the City of Bozeman website, currently open for public comment.  The next step will be a presentation to the Recreation and Parks Advisory Board (RPAB).  This will be the second week in February 2017.  Incorporating guidance from the RPAB and public input, BSRC Community Service Committee will make change to the PMP and ask to present it to the Development Review Committee (DRC).  If we get a favorable nod from the DRC, the last step is presentation to the City Commissioners.


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