Representative Comments from the 2018 Book Giveaway
Thanks so much for the books. The ones I got were Ellray the Recess King and The White Wolf. I like The White Wolf because there is lots of happiness. THE FISHING SOUNDS AMAZING!!! I hope I catch something big. I also hope I get a prize.
                                                            Your buddy, Declan
I picked up White Wolf and Hour of the Olympics. They are really good. I can’t wait for the fishing derby. I love eating fish.
Thank you for the books. I will try to become a part of your club. I really like my books. You guys are awesome.
                                                            Sincerely, Ryan
Thanks for the books. I am loving them. I enjoy the series of books. I can’t wait to go fishing. What kind of prizes are there?
                                                            Fondly, Nolan
Thank you so much for the Princess in Black and Captain Underpants and the Attack of the Talking Toilets. I can’t wait to read them both. I bet they are going to be the best books ever.
                                                            Love. Lilly
Thank you for books. Did you know that sometimes when I read a new book, I cannot stop reading it? I love books a lot. Thank you for coming.
Thank you for the books. That was very nice of you. I really like my books. I read a little bit of one of them and by the second I saw it, I knew I was going to love it. I got one for my brothers too because I knew they would like one.
Thank you sooo much for the books. I got Ellray Jakes the King of Recess and Ellray Jakes is Rock Star. They are soo FUNNY!!!! Especially the beginnings. I can’t wait to get to the end. I bet it’s going to be REALLY FUNNY!!!
                                                            Your buddy, Zoe
Thank you for the books. I love to read especially chapter books. I’m going to read the books until I’m done. I might even read after my mom puts me down to sleep and doesn’t know about it.
Thank you for providing books for 2nd grade at Gateway School. I got Spy School and Spy Ski School. You are very generous to help kids read better.
                                                            Your friend, Max