An update from Abby Fletcher, our selected outbound student from Bozeman High School:
Hello everyone! I am writing this on Halloween! Happy Halloween! Here in austria, they do not celebrate Halloween. It makes me appreciate all the candy i get:) But on a serious note, it has given me perspective to how different kids across the world grow up. In America trickertreating is a tradition, that almost every child and every house participated in. Here, they didn’t grow up dressing up or trick-or-treating ever. October absolutely flew by. I have gotten a lot more comfortable in school, and have felt myself improve in the language immensely. I had my first dream in german about 2 weeks ago!! I have started an online program called FluentU that is helping with my german I think. I also had my first Rotary meeting here, at which I had to give a small presentation about myself. It went really well! I absolutely love my Rotary trips I go on almost every month. This month, we had two (one at the very beginning and one at the very end) but we do not have one for the month of November. We went to Vienna for the first trip, which was awesome. We went to an opera, walked around the city, and spend wonderful time with eachother. The second trip was a city trip to Prague, Dresden, and Berlin. I absolutely loved all those cities so much. I finally got to see the Berlin Wall which I have wanted to visit my whole life!!! I am currently staying at my (host) grandmas house with all my family in Salzburg. Today my host mom, brother, and sister showed me around the city. I am on Fall Break as I write this. It’s nice to have a break from school, which is very exhausting. I hope my whole exchange doesn’t go by as fast as my first three months have!! 😭 Best reguards, Abby fletcher