Global Health: We Are All Close Neighbors
Feb 15, 2019
Dr. Mari Eggers, MSU Research Scientist
Global Health: We Are All Close Neighbors

Dr. Mari Eggers will give an overview of global health, its scope and how the interdisciplinary field is changing.  She will briefly explain MSU’s new Global Health minor, showcase some recent student research projects and mention opportunities for people from all backgrounds to contribute as short-term volunteers. 

Mari Eggers is a Research Scientist in environmental health at MSU and a research affiliate of Little Big Horn College (LBHC).  She has been conducting community-engaged environmental health research on Reservation water quality and related health issues since 2005, most recently on the effects of climate change on community health via impacts on local water quality.  Her education includes a PhD from MSU in environmental health, an MS in ecology (MSU), and an MA and BA in biological anthropology (Stanford).