Montana's First and Only Edible Insect Farm
May 25, 2018
James Rolin - Cowboy Cricket Farms
Montana's First and Only Edible Insect Farm

Cowboy Cricket Farms LLC. is an emerging industry leader in the entomophagy (edible insects) market in America. We are a commercial cricket farm that produces natural cricket powder for food products. Our current research focuses on creating new feeds and methods to increase the size and nutrition of our crickets, naturally.

Cowboy Cricket Farms was founded by Kathy Rolin in 2016 while attending MSU as a nutrition student.  Prior to starting school, Kathy served as a Gunners Mate in the US Coast Guard.  While in the Coast Guard she met her husband James, the marketing manager for Cowboy Crickets.  They have three lovely children and all hope to share the wonderful nutritional values of their beloved crickets with you!