Jul 30, 2021 6:45 AM
Frank Seitz - Bozeman Pickle Ball Committee

Dr. Frank Seitz is one of Bozeman's leading advocates for the expansion of pickleball. While a quarter of an hour squeezes the dickens out of what can be said about Pickleball, Frank hopes to hit the high points of what makes the sport "tick."

No rocket science here: two Ping-Pong-like paddles and a ball full of holes. A playing surface half the size of a tennis court, 11 point games, a bunch of "physically mature" players ... what's the big deal?

 Oh, my! Fasten your seatbelts, cuz Frank is going to haul out his pickleball paddle and his passion for this sport that is sprinkled with magic! He may even twist your arm to read his book "Pickleball at a Glance" (Today's sales profits go to your Rotary Club!).  

Pickleball is one of the fastest growing sports in the world. Since its inception in 1965, about 3.5 million Americans of all ages have embraced the game. Although not as popular as golf or tennis, it is much easier to learn and play and much less expensive in terms of both space required and equipment.

Frank has had forty years of professional experience as a Clinical Psychologist, Legal/Judicial consultant and expert witness, and adjunct university professor in the WWAMI Program at MSU and the University of Washington School of Medicine. He is married to Adele and shares a family with his two daughters, her two sons and daughter, nine grandchildren and one great granddaughter. In addition to his fascination with Pickleball  he enjoys biking, music (piano, bass guitar, singing and listening), martial arts, tennis, golf (“kinda”), fishing, kayaking and writing.