Tiny Home concept in Bozeman
Mar 23, 2018
Connie Campbell-Pearson
Tiny Home concept in Bozeman

Could a collection of tiny home-style units, clustered into a village with on-site social workers, help Bozeman get a handle on homelessness?

Connie Campbell-Pearson, a Deacon with St. James Episcopal Church in Bozeman, has been asking herself and the community this same question. And now is gaining momentum by partnering with some of MSU’s architecture students, HRDC and other community members.

The concept is that each of the “tiny home” units could provide secure living space for a resident who’d otherwise be on the streets or bouncing in and out of Bozeman’s HRDC-operated seasonal warming center. The plan is to group the units into a sort of village, including communal space and room for an on-site manager. The village concept would also accommodate support services like mental health and addiction counseling.