MT Racial Equity Project
Jan 19, 2018
Aspen Hougen
MT Racial Equity Project

The Montana Racial Equity Project, a nonprofit and nonpartisan organization, advocates equity and justice for historically marginalized, disenfranchised, and oppressed peoples in Montana. We educate, train, and activate organizers, individuals, groups, organizations, institutions, and businesses to invest in interrupting racism, bigotry, and prejudice whenever encountered.

Aspen Hougen is a lifelong Bozeman native and MSU alumna. She volunteers with the Montana Racial Equity Project as a social media coordinator and workshop co-instructor. Her passion is to see Montana blossom as a place which fully lives up to its welcoming and vibrant reputation. 

This talk will serve as a brief introduction to the Montana Racial Equity Project -- our mission, our work, and our goals in the state. "I hope to briefly explain why an organization aimed at racial equity and justice is necessary in a state like ours, and offer concrete examples of how we are working to make Montana a more just and equitable place."