The Time and Costs to Develop Land in the County
May 12, 2023 6:45 AM
Doug Chandler and Ron Pike
The Time and Costs to Develop Land in the County

Today we meet at the Bozeman Public Safety Center conference room, corner of North Rouse and Oak Street.

We've all heard how involved and time-consuming it is to get a new residential subdivision or commercial project through our various zoning and development processes. Some go smoothly, others can be drug out for a long time. To help us all understand the process (from beginning of an idea to develop land) to when infrastructure gets complete and the first hole begins to get dug for a building's foundation, we'll hear from insiders what goes into such a process, and rough costs to play in this elaborate game. 

Ron Pike is President of Sime Construction, a major contractor in SW Montana whose company builds in-ground infrastructure for all kinds of land use jobs, and knows the ins and outs of city and county regulations to comply with.

Doug Chandler, our own club member and President of Allied Engineering, has been at the forefront of many of the areas' biggest development projects, and is often one of the first people called by a land owner to discuss the process of developing land from beginning to end.