Oct 23, 2020 7:00 AM
Carolynn Williams
Owner of Zephyr Cycling Studio

Title Of Presentation: Leading from the Heart: Owning and operating a Montana-based, community-focused, movement-driven small business


Summary Of Presentation: Learn about how the founder of Bozeman-based Zephyr Cycling Studio bucked convention, let go of expectation and embraced the unknown to create and build a successful small business with deep Montana roots - and about how giving back to the Bozeman community is at the heart of and plays a critical role in the business's continued success. 


Quick Bio: Carolyn is the founder and owner of Zephyr Cycling Studio in Bozeman, Montana's first dedicated indoor cycling studio. A lifelong musician, athlete, English major and Montana native, her love for music, movement, words and community created the foundation from which Zephyr continues to grow.